Mynwent Capel Cilfowyr

Cilfowyr Chapel Graveyard

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Welcome / Croeso

It has been quite a task to complete, take photos and decipher the inscriptions of the old  graveyard.

The Dyfed Family History Society did take most of the inscriptions of the old burial area before the tombstones had to be moved due to new "Health and Safety" regulations in 2003 and are available by them. However as they had not been able to identify the actual position I felt it would be easier for anyone carrying research to view and locate their present day locations and view actual tombstones.

It has taken a fair amount of time but thanks must be given to my son Roderick, and grandchildren Christopher and Rhys for all their input and time to accomplish this task

I must also thank my neighbour Edward Davies for his assistance in taking some of the photos

Mae wedi bod yn her i gael y cyfan at ei gilydd mewn patrwn priodol yw ddilyn, a hefyd wedi cymerid llawer o amser.

Oherwydd pryderon Gofal a Iechyd roedd yn orfodol arnom fel Eglwys i sicrahau cylfwr y "cof feinu" yn 2003. Cofnododd  'Cymdeithas Hanes Teulu Dyfed' ar y pryd cyn eu symud ond teimlwn efallai bod yn fwy pwrpasnol i'r dyfodol ei lleioliad yn awr.

Rhaid diolch I Roderick ar wyron Christopher a Rhys am ei parodrwydd i gael y casclad a’r y “We” a hefyd diolch i fy cymydog Edward Davies am ei help i dynnu rhai o’r lluniau.

William R Bowen